1. quezsam said: Those cruel motherf*cker robots want to makes us suffer! Sigh... It seems the magazine is going to release a CD with those 10 songs, isn't it? Let's wait until someone (FRENCH! sniff...) buys it and let us know.

    Yeah. Those were the tracks on the CD. The thing I posted after that about Serge Nicolas was the blurb for the CD.


  2. quezsam said: We're all very excited for the 4th album that (maybe) will be shown this month, but... Do you really think it's possible? Without any single or video or anything else, would Daft Punk release a new album? I personally would but it without even needing to listen any preview, but don't you think it'd be too risky? That's the reason I try to be a little skeptical... sigh...

    Woah woah there, buddy. I never said they’re just going to go BOOM! ALBUM!!

    I can almost guarantee you that will not happen. I do however expect in the coming months they’ll release a single or a music video and a release date for the album. But I promise you all, there’s an album coming soon…just wait.