1. Daft Punk Album Announcement Expected in NEXT 24 HOURS

    Evidence is mounting that Daft Punk are announcing their 4th studio album in the next 24 hours.

    The EDMSnob twitter claims: “Got some really, REALLY exciting news coming out tomorrow. I’ll snapchat a hint before it’s announced but thank you guys so much”


    They later deleted a tweet in which they refused to answer whether or not it was the Daft Punk album.

    On the official Daft Punk website, people can either access it, and see a yellow background with a pink box (this appears from the HTML to be the original code of the red logo site design, with three lines missing,) or cannot get on at all.

    As well as Nile Rodger’s claiming the album is releasing in March, as well as every other Daft studio album releasing then, the announcement is very likely coming in the next 24 hours. From a marketing perspective especially, it makes sense for Virgin Records to want singles out very soon, for the March release. Daft have always released singles prior to their albums. So, who knows? Maybe we’ll have a new Daft music video and single release tomorrow?! Or at least some form of announcement. EDMsnob is a reliable source, and…EXCITEMENT.

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    Just gonna be casually reblogging Daft Punk news. This is way too exciting.
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    Y just want lo belive, tengo esperanzas, muchas esperanzas!
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    I do and don’t want to believe this all at the same time. Trying to not get toooo excited. lol
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