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    "If people don’t actually believe it’s [Daft Punk] inside the outfits, they also don’t have a clue what Thomas and Guy look like on the outside.” —Pete Tong, 2007 BBC Radio One interview

    Thomas tells stories of Guy-Man being kicked out the door from his DJ job because the bouncer didn’t believe he was from Daft Punk and of someone impersonating himself—going around to clubs, opening tabs, and visiting VIP rooms under his name~~

    "The exciting thing about these mystique elements is that we play with a thin line between fiction and reality."—Thomas

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  2. Music video I made for my band, Three Point :)

    If you have a chance please check us out <3 

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    IM CRYING in 1999 Muzik Mag did a Thomas Bangalter VS Fatboy Slim page, one of those things where it’s like “who was cooler this year” but they titled it “Who’s the Daddy Now?” and im crying goodbye

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    daft punk //

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    The band Sixtine. The guy on the right is Eric Chedeville, Guy-Man’s Crydamoure partner. Note who is credited as the photographer: ‘Gmdhc’.


    (Credit for this find goes to DAFTFOEVER on the Daft Club)

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    i’m sorry i just

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    Guy you have no appreciation for fine art

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  8. Music video I made for my band, Three Point :)

    If you have a chance please check us out <3 

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    Three Point - The Verge (Official Video)

    Video I directed, produced and edited for my band, Three Point. This isn’t meant to come out till Monday but I thought I’d share it here first for you guys.

    If you have a moment, please give us a listen! 

    P r e s s 

    P l a y


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    Aaaaand guess who got her split helmet shirt today? :D
    It’s super long, so I could almost make a dress out of it. Lol


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    Here is an interview from an old German fanzine, Der Wahrschauer, circa April 1997. Thomas and Guy-Man are spending 3 days in Germany to promote Homework, and they have ~35 interviews to do. These journalists only get a chance to speak with them because another interview has been cancelled, and time is running so short that they end up having to conduct this interview in the backseat of a van on the way to another one. Guy-Man only speaks twice, but that’s because he was asleep most of the way. He does pop in to offer a one-liner in terrible English, though.

    This was translated by the lovely kimbk, who is fantastic and included translator’s notes so English-speakers and those unfamiliar with Germany can figure out what’s going on.

    [Download full-res scan and translation here]

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  15. Scratché 701 - The Buffalo Bunch presents “Buffalo Club”

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