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    Enter the Void (2009)
    Gaspar Noé

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  3. "Back then [in January 1993] I lived with my parents, and I had money from my 18th birthday, 7,000 or 8,000 francs, which let me buy a Juno 106 synthesizer and a small Akai S01 sampler, with a single mono output. My father had also given me a Minimoog and we had found a sequencer, a mixer, and a small compressor. I plugged all of it into a Ghetto Blaster that I had had since I was 11. Everything was put in my room on a folding table, and I had moved my bed into the guest room. In fact, we started doing things with that equipment even before the Darlin’ record came out…"
    — Thomas on Daft House, his bedroom and DP’s first studio. From Les Inrockuptibles, July 2003 (x)

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    100% real Daft Punk documentary 2k14

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    Japanese Sony Ericsson Premini Ad

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  7. Daft Punk Bassist Nathan East Reveals Tour Talks

    AllMusic: They haven’t toured on the album, was that ever a discussion?

    East: There’s always a bit of a discussion about, “Hey, if we take this on the road, are you guys around, would you be interested,”


  8. goldleafceilings said: Hey Aden, Just noticed Saint Laurent is selling the black sequined tuxedo jacket on their website,took a screenshot of it, I'm just shocked to see it,thought to share it with you.

    Yeah :) It’s been available to buy since before Daft Punk wore it. Expensive though! Ahah.


  9. Nathan East - Daft Funk


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    Three Point - The Verge (Official Video)

    Video I directed, produced and edited for my band, Three Point. This isn’t meant to come out till Monday but I thought I’d share it here first for you guys.

    If you have a moment, please give us a listen! 


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    Daft Punk -- Grammys 2014

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  12. The force from the beginning - Love. 

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  13. … Please guys. That isn’t Daft Punk, it’s a cover band.


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    I’ll never get tired of the photo of Guy-Man with his Calvin Kleins showing.

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    Culture Shock LA Presents: Daft Funk

    Okay, so I may have become obsessed with this routine over the past week and you’ll see why. ‘Something About Us’ is beautiful and amazing and perfect and should be danced on a stage filled with gold and treasures.