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    Translation: “Good evening. We’re going to be very brief. We are happy and honoured to be here tonight. The film you are about to see is without dialogue so we don’t really want to add any more. Thank you very much for being here tonight and we are very happy to be here. Have a good evening, thank you.”

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  4. alexwithathree said: How many/what songs is the encore mashed up with? always wondered.

    0:11 - Human After All
    2:11 - Prime Time of Your Life (Para One remix)
    3:24 - DJ Falcon/Thomas Bangalter - Together 
    5:55 - One More Time
    6:45 - Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
    8:40 - Aerodynamic


  5. Alive 07 encore gets me every damn time


  6. bcollis:

    Daft Punk for Saint Laurent Paris


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    From Busy P’s Alive 2007 tour blog (x)


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    I only delete credit when those credited are not the actual credit holder of the image. 


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    Daft Punk in TRON: Legacy



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  13. dafthobbit:

    Thomas, Elodie, and Tara-Jay. Click on the source link to watch the video, but they only appear very briefly at the beginning. I believe this was a behind-the-scenes thing for the premiere of a film Elodie was involved in.

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