1. goldleafceilings said: Hey Aden, Just noticed Saint Laurent is selling the black sequined tuxedo jacket on their website,took a screenshot of it, I'm just shocked to see it,thought to share it with you.

    Yeah :) It’s been available to buy since before Daft Punk wore it. Expensive though! Ahah.


  2. Nathan East - Daft Funk


  3. vokolode:

    Three Point - The Verge (Official Video)

    Video I directed, produced and edited for my band, Three Point. This isn’t meant to come out till Monday but I thought I’d share it here first for you guys.

    If you have a moment, please give us a listen! 


  4. crydamore:

    Daft Punk -- Grammys 2014

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  5. The force from the beginning - Love. 

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  6. … Please guys. That isn’t Daft Punk, it’s a cover band.


  7. dafthobbit:

    I’ll never get tired of the photo of Guy-Man with his Calvin Kleins showing.

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  8. idesofjuly:

    Culture Shock LA Presents: Daft Funk

    Okay, so I may have become obsessed with this routine over the past week and you’ll see why. ‘Something About Us’ is beautiful and amazing and perfect and should be danced on a stage filled with gold and treasures.


  9. Photo: Maud Bernos [x]

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  10. crydamore:

    Daft Punk -- Grammys 2014

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    Favorite shots in Electroma pt 3/3

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    Daft Punk, Mixmag (January, 1998) | Daft Punk Unmasked

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  15. paul-de-homem-christo:


    do you ever love a band and their music so much ur just gonna explode and ur pieces will scatter the universe and all you just want is for people to understand how much you love them 


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