1. Cedric Hervet and Warren Fu on the set of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky Remix Promo shoot


  2. Julian Casablancas and Warren Fu on the set of Instant Crush


  3. 20 years ago today, Daft Punk released their first ever track, ‘The New Wave’, on Soma Recordings.

    Thank you for everything, robots. 



  5. Daft Punk’s website is down..More merch incoming?


  6. bloodrox:

    Dad: “cmon son, say your first words!”

    Son: “da-“

    Dad: “close! try again!”

    Son: “da—”

    Dad: “So close!  One more time!”

    Son: “daft punk”

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  7. ifcwdjd:

    Papabang - 1967


  8. cozmopolitan:

    thomas flipping a vinyl

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  9. thegoldandsilverdream:

    —Images from Daft Punk’s Electroma accompanying booklet

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  12. "I think that they are working on a longer film, a new Daft Punk movie, in which they want to use parts of my story, but who knows!"
    — Giorgio Moroder, 2014

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  15. grammy’s fashion cam

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